imageRecently, the inclusion of Shandong Province in 2009 solar collector system, the project plan Akayama financial subsidies to groups every day Hotel, China 2 star hotels and the Rongcheng City, sixth secondary schools six units of solar collector system-portable solar charger, the project passed the acceptance and formally put into use. Up to now, Rongcheng City, has 10 solar collector systems projects receiving provincial financial subsidies to more than 890 million yuan. Since 2007, our province over the three-star hotel with solar collector system project to implement the financial capital subsidy in 2009, subsidies for solar collector system, to extend the basic general education and vocational education schools, and basic education schools to install solar collectors system to increase the proportion of subsidies. Responsible for promoting the use of universal solar chargers, Rongcheng Shijingmaoju seize this opportunity to actively organize the units meet the requirements to declare the project. To ensure that projects are all included in the plan submitted, based on the unit as soon as possible to urge the project construction fund undertaken in strict accordance with the relevant requirements, organize projects and ensure project quality. At present, Rongcheng City, a total of 10 solar collector systems projects receiving provincial financial subsidies, solar collector area of 1.7 thousand square meters of a total a total investment of 29.5 million yuan, a total of provincial financial subsidies available to more than 890 million yuan of funds in the project quantity, the scale of investment and access to financial subsidies to the amount of funds are listed on the Weihai municipal (district) first. It is estimated that the solar collector hot water system, the total daily output to reach 1030 tons, the annual festival can achieve integrated energy 2570 tons of standard coal, 3.5 million yuan year to save money and reduce a lot of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide gas and dust emissions. Compare to USA, this solar energy item is really cheap and well-performance. So, I believe united state may import wholesale portable solar charger from china. Vacuum plate glass, instead of the traditional concentric vacuum tube collector collector, while for vacuum drying tube fitted. Yangzhou University, July 24 came the good news, the hospital developed the domestic first group of solar collectors flat glass vacuum drying equipment declared a success, and obtained patents, will enable realization of agricultural and sideline products dehydrated green process without pollution emissions. Professor Zhang Ruihong Task Force of experts told reporters that the device’s biggest advantage is to use a vacuum instead of the traditional concentric circles of flat glass vacuum collector tube collector, and equipped with vacuum drying device which can make full use of solar energy production of dried products. He said that would be 200 ? flat glass placed in a vacuum triangular collector box to form a group of solar collectors, solar energy utilization rate of this increased by 30%, and per square meter of available space by the optical heating power will be increased by 67 %, the cost is only the original 60%.SO,portable solar charger is high efficient and low-cost
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